“Here This Memory” by Ilaria Maria Sala

Here This Memoryby Ilaria Maria Sala I don’t want to swim among riddles and punsTurning what they crushedInto an inside joke for nimble chess players I don’t want to see you unprotected, burningWhile their plastic foam enticements bounce off a sullen stoneInto the sea I don’t want it I don’t want this fight for aContinue reading ““Here This Memory” by Ilaria Maria Sala”

“Are We Dead Yet?” by Ilaria Maria Sala

Are We Dead Yet?by Ilaria Maria Sala How many times are we going to die?You keep repeating that we are dead—And then you say we are dead again.What I don’t know isIf you think we were alive in between the deaths. You said we were deadBut the truly dead don’t cry. They don’t bleed. TheyContinue reading ““Are We Dead Yet?” by Ilaria Maria Sala”

“Up Against the Walls” and “The Social Life of Bricks” by Ilaria Maria Sala

Two Poemsby Ilaria Maria Sala UP AGAINST THE WALLS Do the walls talk, where you are now? Do they scream? Do they burst out with exclamation marks?Or maybe they are silenced, like ours? I often wonder if you can understand meIf you can understand all of usAs we are here, up against the wallsLetting our eyes glideContinue reading ““Up Against the Walls” and “The Social Life of Bricks” by Ilaria Maria Sala”