Hong Kong Protesting

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This website, a Cha project, is dedicated to publishing a diverse range of works about the ongoing Hong Kong protests. Cha, founded in 2007, is the first & only Hong Kongbased international Asia-focused online literary journal.


Poetry, fiction, memoirs, essays, translations, drama, reviews, photography & art, and more. We would love to be surprised.


Please send your works, either previously published or new, to editor@hkprotesting.com for consideration. We will contact those whose works have been selected within one week.

Special Feature:
Umbrella Movement Five Years On & Beyond

2019 marked the Fifth Anniversary of the Umbrella Movement. The movement shook Hong Kong and the rest of the world. Visit “Umbrella Movement Five Years On & Beyond” here. (Image: “Locked City” by Elizabeth Briel.)

The people shall be a sword of ten thousand umbrellas

collier nogues

protests alongside ten thousand youths now called rioters now reduced to statistics

Marco yan