“Here This Memory” by Ilaria Maria Sala

Here This Memoryby Ilaria Maria Sala I don’t want to swim among riddles and punsTurning what they crushedInto an inside joke for nimble chess players I don’t want to see you unprotected, burningWhile their plastic foam enticements bounce off a sullen stoneInto the sea I don’t want it I don’t want this fight for aContinue reading ““Here This Memory” by Ilaria Maria Sala”

“Bilingual (Occasional)” by Chris Tse

Bilingual (Occasional) by Chris Tse Re-learning a language with a rock                 in my mouth—the slow back . and forth as I think in different        lives—translation being a taste . of the oldest past, further back than      what the first word can contain . insomuch as any singular, abandoned          definition is a spark thatContinue reading ““Bilingual (Occasional)” by Chris Tse”

“Hong Kong and Myanmar: An Encounter on the Road to Democracy” by Annika Yan

Hong Kong and Myanmar—An Encounter on the Road to Democracyby Annika Yan This piece was first published HERE on Thursday 4 February 2021. Imagine a youngster waking up one day, getting ready for their online university lessons, or their part-time job as a salesperson downtown, only to be told by their mother that all pro-democracyContinue reading ““Hong Kong and Myanmar: An Encounter on the Road to Democracy” by Annika Yan”