“Walk Through” by Mok Pik Ying

Walk Throughby Mok Pik Ying Someone I know is dying, Someone I know got arrested. Someone I know moved to a foreign country, and I know they will never come back. I see the smiles on our faces are gone and we might suffer an endless nightmare. As an art student, I often wonder whatContinue reading ““Walk Through” by Mok Pik Ying”

“Illustrating the Hong Kong Protests” by Ordinary Illustrator

Illustrating the Hong Kong Protestsby Ordinary Illustrator 616 “616” depicts the protest in Hong Kong on 16 June 2019. The HKSAR government had said the protesters on 12 June were rioters, which was untrue, and this was demonstrated by the masses of protesters parting to let an ambulance through. On the other hand, the Hong Kong policeContinue reading ““Illustrating the Hong Kong Protests” by Ordinary Illustrator”

“Conflict Geometries” by Elizabeth Briel

☂☂☂☂☂Conflict Geometriesby Elizabeth Briel VIOLENCE CONTAINED Bricks glued together across the street from Sham Shui Po police station. We have an idea, a feeling, of what our urban spaces should look like. The textures and materials they’re made of are designed specifically of and for that climate, that place. Drainage, porosity, reflectiveness, everything taken intoContinue reading ““Conflict Geometries” by Elizabeth Briel”

“Never Forget (永不忘記)” by Ronnie Cheng

Never Forget (永不忘記)by Ronnie Cheng As someone from Hong Kong, the protests back home have greatly affected me, as well as friends and family. This piece, “Never Forget” (永不忘記), serves as commentary on how the government has dealt with the protests improperly and irresponsibly. The government also has a history of hoping that people justContinue reading ““Never Forget (永不忘記)” by Ronnie Cheng”