“Never Forget (永不忘記)” by Ronnie Cheng

Never Forget (永不忘記)
by Ronnie Cheng

As someone from Hong Kong, the protests back home have greatly affected me, as well as friends and family. This piece, “Never Forget” (永不忘記), serves as commentary on how the government has dealt with the protests improperly and irresponsibly. The government also has a history of hoping that people just forget about things that they’ve done and ignoring the problem, hence the use of the four Chinese characters to say that this is not something that we will be letting go.

The piece has become more important due to the National Security Law, as people have become increasingly hesitant to speak out. Even when people might be more reluctant to take action against the government, the people of Hong Kong will not forget. This piece consists of four sections. Each section consists of a linoleum print background, some of them hand-coloured, as well as a screen print. Key events of the protests are screen-printed, and colour was added to different parts of each print to highlight different events. The screen prints were then cut into the shape of the Chinese characters and hand-stitched onto the backgrounds.


Ronnie Cheng was born and raised in Hong Kong. In 2019, she moved to Denver, Colorado to pursue a BA in Media Studies at the University of Denver. Ronnie is passionate about social justice, and is therefore especially interested in furthering her work in social movements and uprisings as a subject matter. Visit her website for more information.

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