“National Security Law: A Short Comic Strip” by Sharon Lam

National Security Law: A Short Comic Strip
by Sharon Lam

The National Security Law passed the other night.
> 24 hours, 9 people had already been arrested for flags, T-shirts, stickers.
Hong Kong had irrevocably changed. But the office seemed the same.
‘I’m huuuuugry. What’s for lunch? Can we PLEASE not have Thai again?’
‘What do you mean the titles are 20mm? I SAID 25MM!’
Maybe they were pretending. Maybe work was the only normalcy left. $$$$$$$$$$
Activists and democrats were fleeing the city. The window schedule still…
It had to be drawn so that someone somewhere could make MAXIMUM PROFIT.
It was hard to pay attention. But who were you to complain, employed during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC?
You had only been living in Hong Kong for 2 years.
The place you were from was a 20-minute walk away. You’d never been able to say that before.
Was the killing of Hong Kong sadder for you, or for those who had been here their whole lives?
It was an unimportant question.
Where were these windows now?
What will Hong Kong be like when these windows are installed? How many more arrests?
How many more books removed from the libraries?
Had the glass been floated, the aluminium frames extruded? Where was the matter?

Sharon Lam is an architectural designer and writer living in Hong Kong. Her debut novel, Lonely Asian Woman, was nominated for the Acorn Foundation Fiction Prize in 2020. Visit her website for more information.

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