“Value 3: Fairness, Impartiality, and Compassion in All our Dealings” by Jason S Polley

Value 3: Fairness, Impartiality, and Compassion in All our Dealings
by Jason S Polley

Take Five.
(New Territories Rooftop.)
On the privilegiosity of the limousine caste.
I never thought that Hong Kong would become this situation because no one would know that the government is being so strong to refuse to apologise and doing any change for this The police The The master of Hong Kong Is being too Too far away from the people The some Some old people thought that the government is doing great and stopping for the But the people Who go out for fighting the bad politic Zing zi They don’t know They don’t want to know why people going out They just refuse to moving on Keeping on They imagine that Hong Kong is still very good Hong Kong is OK and move to Canada They just They just They don’t want to accept that Hong Kong is bad They just ran away and tell that Hong Kong is good now They are not here Actually They have a good situation to say that word That means they don’t know the truth Because they are not here They only know not even half Everyone will pay for this protests But still think this worth our duty Because I don’t want to be China Chinese people when they get rich some would immediately left China And move to another country Maybe Canada maybe US Or any other place But when they go out and when they keep saying Chinese is my motherland and You should protect it Or anything If you think so Why leave in the first of all

Take Four.
(Tsim Sha Tsui Speakeasy.)
Eyes Gone. Broke Bones. Stripped Hers. Redrum Throne.
So many blood If you want to kill Hong Kong people Just do it So easy I remember I was so drunk I posted Curry Lam just kill us all We don’t have a right to speak any of the fucking words Just ABC

Take Three.
(Empty Kowloon Campus.)
Discipline & Punish: Another student sanatoria-interned.
Lenin vs Lennon Hospitals jails now The police inverse doctor doppelgangers Reverse-Hippocratic oath 8 man politburo kau tau While activists evoke Mao’s petite red manual  

Take Two.
(The Twitterverse.)
Value 2: Respect for the rights of members of the public and of the Force.
Another constable on the Occam edge of apoplectic collapse

Take One.
(The LA Times.)
Ten Little Indians.
I thought I was about to die

Photograph © Oliver Farry.

Jason S Polley is Associate Professor of English at Hong Kong Baptist University. His research interests include comics, Indian English fiction, experimental criticism, underclass literature, and Hong Kong Studies. He has published on women in Banville; slum ideology in District 9; race in The Greenlanders; official narratives in Watchmen; “everyday justice” in Smiley, Franzen, & DeLillo; and Hongkongness in Wong Kar-wai. His chapter on authorial intimacy in R Crumb is forthcoming. His two creative nonfiction books are Refrain and Cemetery Miss You. He is co-editor of the essay-volume Cultural Conflict in Hong Kong: Angles on a Coherent Imaginary (Palgrave, 2018). He’s currently working on a co-edited essay volume titled “Hybrid Poetry & Tertiary Pedagogy” as well as an article on white trash masculinity and anti-Canadiana in Joel Thomas Hynes. He’s a frequent contributor to Cha: An Asian Literary Journal and Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine.

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